wins Compuware's "Best of Web" for site performance in 2011

For the truly curious, you can download the full report here. The basic idea is that Compuware took a look at availability, responsiveness, and consistency to generate a composite score which ranks the top 25 online news sites. The Compuware folks were even more impressed when they learned that we maintained our number 1 position while doing multiple releases per day and while pushing experiences that are, on average, more complex than our competitors. 

Although I believe pretty strongly in self-deprecation, I'll break with convention for a moment to give props to my team for their contributions to overall site availability and responsiveness. Congrats!

For insight into what we've done lately in the war against page load times, check out the new experience on







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Congratulations! I just saw this, as I have a backlog of 10 posts from the Development blog that I am reading now, in reverse chronological order.

You've done a great job, to receive such recognition for best of web for site performance. That's great!

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Reply#1 - Thu Jun 7, 2012 1:57 AM EDT

To bad the recognized "performance" hasn't trickled down to Newsvine.

The moderators do great but the hardware seems over taxed at times.

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Reply#2 - Thu Jun 7, 2012 7:13 AM EDT

Hi BlueArcher!

Yes, it does seem like something is overtaxed at times on Newsvine! I have a feeling that Development at MSNBC could get that fixed and do amazing things, if they were to be assigned to do so. Newsvine as a website has all sorts of odd clunky issues. Yet I would be hard-pressed to justify making a strong business case for ploughing funds into upgrading it (of course, I could be totally wrong). I only say that because of the amount of "political opinion" warfare and discontent on Newsvine at the moment.

I hope things get better after the election, regardless of the outcome. Right now things are so very polarized and high strung, you know? Newsvine content had been known for its high quality for years.

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#2.1 - Sat Jun 23, 2012 5:24 AM EDT
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